Stockpile measurements
Meshing & texturing
Building extraction
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In this video, learn how to use the Stockpile command in the Surveying menu. Advise, how to calculate volume for stockpiles on embankments... From your rough data to the final deliverable follow this tutorial.
Interface: 2018 version

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In the software, several meshing commands are available. It is essential to choose a strategy regarding the final purpose of the mesh. Several steps can be required to generate a very good looking and accurate result, especially if the cloud contains noisy points. The texturing provides a realistic rendering of the 3D polygonal model and can improve consequently the aesthetic aspect of the final model.
Interface: 2015 MR1 version

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3DReshaper is a powerful solution for complex 3D meshing. However, some applications require simplified models which are light and easy to handle, keeping the best accuracy. The software brings a very easy guided solution to extract planar surfaces in order to create the simple model of an object, a building, a whole street.
Interface: 2015 version

Best-Fit and 3D Comparison
Tunnel inspection & animation
Create & use a DTM
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Comparing two shapes or two contours to know the gap or distance between them is required when you want to inspect an imported theoretical geometry with the corresponding measured model or when you want to compare two objects at different times (a DTM for instance).
Interface: 2014 MR1 version

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In the software, you can process a tunnel inspection thanks to several commands:

  • Compute neutral axis;
  • Create cross sections along an axis;
  • Compare cross sections;
  • Print in a specific template;
  • Compute volumes of overbreaks and underbreaks;
  • Create a 2D inspection map;
  • Create a video animation.
Interface: 2014 MR1 version

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Creating the model of a terrain is a very common job in Surveying. However, it is not always an easy task when dealing with scans of a whole area containing also vegetation and/or buildings. The software brings an automatic solution to extract the ground out of a point cloud.
Interface: 2014 MR1 version

Meshing of a facade point cloud
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In the software, several meshing commands are available. The combination of these commands provides many different meshing strategies. Here, we will show an example coming from a facade which is difficult to process for several reasons:

  • The cloud is noisy;
  • The cloud contains many missing parts (holes);
  • The shape is very detailed but some details have the same size as the cloud noise.
Interface: 7.0 version

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