User Cases

3DReshaper for UAV application in New Zealand
Textured mesh of a disused building
3D Modeling of the Outside Span of a Highway Viaduc

Extract large-scale DTM thanks to the Ground Extractor function. This example is a cloud of 100 million points measured by UAV in New Zealand, processed in only 1h45.
Interface: 2017 MR1 version

3D model of a burnt building for future restoration works. The burnt building was scanned, point clouds were cleaned and meshed in 3DReshaper. Then, the model was textured from real panoramic images.
Interface: 2017 version

Project of a third bridge deck for a highway in France. Mobile data processing by Modwell using 3DReshaper (ground extraction, 3D modeling, sectioning, virtual walk-through) and Formz.
Interface: 2016 MR1 version

3D model of the structure of the "Chapelle Royale"
3D Model of a Hypogeum in Jerusalem
Digital preservation of ancient rock art sites in South Africa

3D model of the "Chapelle Royale" (Versailles - France). 3DReshaper has been used to clean the point cloud and to create the 3D mesh. With the courtesy of Sintegra.
Interface: 2015 version

3DReshaper has been used to create the complete 3D mesh and to apply all the textures from a scan of a Hypogeum in Jerusalem. Moreover the video has been exported directly from 3DReshaper thanks to the virtual visit feature.
Interface: 2015 version

The African Conservation Trust (ACT) and University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) have been using 3D scanning technology to create highly accurate models of ancient San rock art paintings in the Drakensberg Mountains. The Mountains contain the largest and most concentrated group of rock art paintings south of the Sahara. The fragile paintings date back approximately 4,000 years are the only tangible record that remains of the first inhabitants of the country whose hunter-gatherer culture is extinct today. This project was funded by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF).
Interface: 2014 version

3D modelling of Rorke's Drift Battlefield Site (South Africa)
3D modelling of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent - Xochicalco site (Mexico)
Westminster 3D - Digital Realistic Tour

The African Conservation Trust (ACT) and University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) used 3D laser scanning technology to document the Rorke's Drift battlefield site in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Interface: 2014 version

The digitization of the pre-Columbian temple was performed with a Leica HDS 3D scanner. The mesh was made and textured in 3DReshaper. The animation was rendered in Pointools and 3DSMax. Combined in Premiere.
Interface: 2013 version

Among the different applications carried out by Downland Partnership in UK, the Westminster Abbey has ordered the development of a mobile phone application, allowing the user to take a super realistic tour into the Abbey.
Interface: 6.1 version

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