Practical Exercises

In this page, you can download different exercises which will help you to practice 3DReshaper Meteor in various applications, using generic features.

Required Sample Files for Practicals

All exercises are available through the new help center (F1 from 3DReshaper Meteor). Click the button below to download all the required .RSH files.


Practicals (PDF version)

Reverse engineering process allows to create a 3D model from a real object in order to duplicate or to modify it. It can also be used if the current drawings of the physical object are missing or incomplete. In this case, measurement of free-form surfaces can only be achieved through scanning and point cloud processing as explained in this exercise in which we will see how to convert a point cloud into a CAD model.



The polygonal mesh modeling generates quality models, made up with up to hundreds or thousands of triangles. These 3D mesh models are ready for rapid prototyping, tool path generation, simulation, analysis… In order to use measured/scanned data (point clouds) in modern computer-aided design (CAD), manufacturing (CAM) or engineering (CAE) software, you may need to generate a CAD-model, such as IGES or STEP, which can be manipulated with those. This process is called reverse engineering. The software is a complete solution for the modeling of typical CAD objects, by providing you all the necessary functions for the construction and the processing of BSpline and Nurbs surfaces.

reverse engineering