Frequently Asked Questions

Find here all the answers to frequently asked questions concerning 3DReshaper.


How 3DReshaper demonstration version and registration form works?

Demonstration version is 100% free. When you install 3DReshaper for the first time on your machine, a dialog box will display your computer ID and ask a license. Click the button to fill the registration form (or fill the online form) to request your demonstration license.

This authorization code delivery is 100% free. The demonstration version provides all the same features as the standard version, except that saves and exports are limited. After one month, the software will not expire but it will be still usable as a pure demonstration version or as a viewer (in no saving mode). During the trial period, do not hesitate to contact us for any commercial or technical issues.

Your email address will be used to send you your authorization code and to send you a monthly newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter whenever you want. We assure you that information you provide will be used only by Technodigit and by only authorized persons. In particular your email address will not be given to any other company and for other purpose.

Basic Knowledge

Are there some documentation documents or tutorials?

Yes, help about 3DReshaper comes in several ways :

  • General Help
    By pressing F1 key inside the software or through Help Menu, you can open the documentation document on how to use 3DReshaper.

    Most of 3DReshaper dialog boxes have a quick access button that can be clicked to reach their corresponding help:
  • Beginner's guides
    Tutorials are located in My Documents folder or through the Windows Start Menu under the 3DReshaper folder.

Some exercises are also available on the website. Feel free to download them. You will need a login and a password, that have been sent to you with your authorization code. If you don't have them, feel free to ask to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Basic Knowledge

How to change the language?

3DReshaper is available in several languages. To set the language, go to Home/ Language. Then select the language you want. You will have to restart 3DReshaper to apply the new language.


How to activate the viewer manually when the automatic way fails?

This question is answered on the forum. A video is also available to see the complete procedure.


How to set up a network floating license?

Install the license server

You can use 3DReshaper with a network protection license. For that, you have to purchase a network protection dongle and the corresponding license.

  • Choose which computer inside your Local Area Network (LAN) will be the license server.
  • Plug the network dongle on the license server.
  • Download the NetUnikey Server software and install it on the license server.
  • Make sure that the port 5680 (used by NetUnikey Server) is opened on the license server.

Once the Unikey Server program is launched, you will see a new icon in the Windows taskbar. You can click on this icon to open the detailed configuration and monitoring dialog box.

Inside the monitor tab, you can see all the computers running 3DReshaper and connected to the dongle.

For each additional seat, where 3DReshaper has been previously installed, you must proceed as following:
  • Case#1 - 3DReshaper requires a code. Cancel and restart 3DReshaper. You should follow case#3 instructions;
  • Case#2 - 3DReshaper is running. Go to Home/License and then follow the case#3 instructions.
  • Case#3 - 3DReshaper requires a license server must be contacted. Select network dongle and enter the license server IP address.

If the dongle is correctly detected, you will get a dongle ID. You just have to enter your 3DReshaper authorization code (provided by Technodigit or your local reseller) to run 3DReshaper and finalize the license settings.

If you do not have an authorization code, ask for the code or please send the dongle ID to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (copy and paste) in order to receive it. This code is the same for all seats connected to the license server.

If you don't see a dongle ID but you have a computer ID, it means that the dongle is not detected:

  • Check if the IP address entered previously is correct
  • Check if you can ping the license server IP address from the PC running 3DReshaper
  • Check if the port used by NetUnikey Server is correctly opened (by default 5680)
  • Check your firewall settings
  • Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if the error persists


What are the formats supported by 3DReshaper?






ASCII FILES (*.asc, *.csv…)
Binary files (*.nsd)
Leica Geosystems (*.pts, *.ptx)
IGES (*.igs)
LAS (*.las)
LAZ (*.laz)
AutoDesk DXF (*.dxf)
Fichiers ASCII (*.asc, *. csv, *.xyz, *.yxz…)
Leica Geosystems (*.pts, *.ptx)
Leica Nova MS50/60 (*.sdb, *.xml)
ShapeGrabber (*.3pi)
3DReshaper binary file (*.nsd)
Tool path (*.iso)
AutoDesk DXF (*.dxf)
STL (*.stl)
GSCAN file (*.gsn)
Perceptron SWB/SWL (*.swb / *.swl)
Polyworks (*.psl)
Leica T-Scan + Steinbichler (*.ac)
LIDAR data (*.las; laz)
Autres ASCII (*.*)
Zoller and Fröhlich *(.zfs - *.zfc)
PLY points without triangles (*.ply)
ESRI ASCII (raster format *.asc)
FARO (*.fls - *.fws)
E57 (*.E57 files)
LandXML files (*.xml)
DOT Products (*.dpl)


Ascii  and binary STL format (*.stl)
Binary PBI format (*.pbi)
DXF 3Dface format (*.dxf)
Ascii POLY format (*.poly)
Vertices only (*.asc)
DXF polyline (*.dxf)
STEP file (*.stp)
Ascii Leica format (*.msh)
VRML 2 (*.wrl / *.vml / *.iv)
PLY (*.ply)
LandXML (*.xml)
STL format (*.stl)
Binary PBI format (*.pbi)
DXF 3Dface format (*.dxf)
Ascii POLY format (*.poly)
OBJ format (*.obj)
Ascii Leica format (*.msh)
MDL format (*.mdl)
VRML files (*.wrl / *.vrml / *.iv)
OFF files (*.off)
PLY (*.ply)


IGES format
DXF polyline format
Binary  MLI format (*.mli)
ASCII formats
IGES format
DXF polyline format
Binary  MLI format (*.mli)




RESHAPER (*.rsh)
RESHAPER (*.rsh)
CYCLONE MSView and JetStream database through the CloudWorx plugin


Ortho-image including georeferencing information as World file


I have installed another version previously, what will happen?

If you install a different version (for example you install the 2017version and the 2016 version is already installed), you will have both version installed on the computer.

If you install a similar version (for example you install the 2017 version (17.0.2) and the 2017version (17.0.1) is already installed), the installation program will ask you if you want to update or to uninstall and reinstall 3DReshaper:

  • update will install 3DReshaper with the same options as the last time
  • select install & reinstall if you want to add or remove some plugins


Why do I have some lag/pause during display with my Quadro card?

When big mesh are displayed with 3DReshaper on NVidia Quadro card, on some configurations there is some large pause or lag which freeze 3DReshaper for few seconds. This issue can be resolved by changing the NVidia Quadro profile used.
To do this, close 3DReshaper. Go to "NVidia control panel" (can be reach by a right click on the Windows desktop). Then, go to "3D Settings", "Manage 3D Settings". Under "Global presets", choose "3D app - Visual Simulation". Then click on "Apply".
The problem must be solved. If not, try to choose "Workstation App - dynamic Streaming" instead of "3D app - Visual Simulation" in NVidia control panel.

Basic Knowledge

What is the limit size of point clouds or meshes it is possible to load?

The software has no limit concerning the point clouds and mesh size. All the memory management has been completely optimized to allow big object handling. The limit is the memory of your computer. Just be aware that the 32bits version can not handle more than 4Gb of memory.

Basic Knowledge / Licensing

I have just downloaded the software, but a lot of commands are disabled. Is my license correct?

Inside 3DReshaper, the menu and the icons are "contextual". It means that when you select object(s), 3DReshaper highlights the menu item(s) that can be used with this object(s) (and only it or them).

For example, command 3D mesh is activated only when you select cloud(s). Sometimes, you need more than one entity type to enable the menu. Refer to the help to know which entity(ies) is(are) required inside the selection.