Why update your software maintenance license?

3DReshaper is continuously updated with innovative enhancements and upgrades, whether it is bug fixes, improvements or complete new features. Having a maintenance contract will help you gain productivity, compete with your marketplace, and drive increased value from your initial software investment. Even though the core of the software does not change for each release, the technological environment will, and it is important to scale up with the change. A permanent license is a true asset, but without updates, it loses all its interest.

Four reasons to update your software maintenance license

  1. Enlarge your capabilities with new features
  2. As the environment is continuously changing, a regular maintenance is required to adapt to these changes. 3DReshaper’s team does its best to offer new features in line with the market’s evolution and users’ requirement thanks two major releases twice a year.

  3. Bug fix all along the year
  4. At 3DReshaper, product quality is a priority. However, small bugs inevitably find their way into it. To limit the inconvenience, we are very reactive when bugs are notified. Updates fix the bugs and allow you to benefit fully from 3DReshaper.

  5. Benefit from regular improvements
  6. Smaller enhancements are also released on a regular basis. For example, some formats are constantly evolving, don't wait for major releases to benefit from their last updates.

  7. Unlimited technical support
  8. Maximize your use of 3DReshaper thanks to a responsive technical support. An expert team is at your disposal to answer all your questions or help you with a specific workflow.