3DReshaper & Universities

3DReshaper is commonly used in a lot of universities across the world. It is a very useful tool, and it is strongly recommended to learn to use the soonest possible. It is a real advantage for students to have 3DReshaper at their disposal during their studies. Being aware of all the different tools available on the market will help them to create their own opinion on what to use and why when they start their professional lives. Many schools and universities closely integrated the use of 3DReshaper within their training programs through classes, projects and final evaluation.

The HEIG-VD example

The HEIG-VD (School of Management and Engineering in Switzerland) initially used 3DReshaper for research purposes. However, it became the common tool within the university to bring together different 3D modeling projects. The school ended up putting 3DReshaper at the students’ disposal as it strongly limits the number of platforms that they need to learn thanks to the many import possibilities.
The HEIG-VD gives its students theoretical classes on how to use the software as a first step, then for the first projects, its use is mandatory, and finally, it’s optional for the last ones. However, as students know the tool, they tend to use it again.

See below some examples of HEIG-VD students’ project:

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Even though all students don't have 3DReshaper at their disposal at university, we can deliver free demo license and technical support to help them realize a project or event their thesis. For example, a student from Hochschule Karlsruhe Technik und Wirtschaft - University of Applied Sciences demonstrated in her thesis the importance of recording and documenting cultural and archeological heritage in order to preserve history with the example of the Valencian Silo-Yard of Burjassot (Spain).

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