3DReshaper 2017 MR1 - Release Note

3DReshaper 2017 MR1 includes a wide range of new features and improvements, see below the detailed release notes:

New features

  • CloudWorx: new plugin to work efficiently with large point clouds from Leica solutions (JetStream and MSView)
  • File/Import Cloud(s): new file format from DotProduct scanners now available
  • File/Send/Send to SketchFab: new command to export a mesh or a cloud to the Sketchfab website
  • Mesh/Bridge: a new option to adjust the bridge tension.
  • Script/SPoly: new function SPoly.SeparateTriangleSize() allowing to split meshes according to triangle size
  • View/Clipping box: new functionnality to create clipping boxes


  • Import > Cloud(s): it is possible now to import Faro files coming from Scene 6.2
  • Language: update German translation
  • Send to AutoCAD: compatible with AutoCAD 2018
  • Send to Sketchfab: now works well if data are using big coordinates
  • Javascript: when creating a report, it is now possible to create it in landscape
  • Mesh > Set Borders: better results with geometrical shapes (better discretization)
  • Sent to AutoCAD: message more relevant in case of connection problem
  • Tank > Roundness: improve options to define heights of sections
  • 32 bit architecture is no longer supported, only 64 bits installers are now available.
  • Construct / Create & Edit UCS: when editing an UCS, it is now possible to edit its position and orientation. When creating a new UCS, it is now also possible to set its aspect.
  • Help: several viewsets are now saved in all sample files in order to help understanding of exercises (beginner's guide, practicals...)
  • Image/Create Ortho-Image: the text file associated to the image is now a world file (jgw or tfw)
  • Windows XP is no longer supported

Fixed issues

  • Import > Import Cloud(s): fix issue when reading PTS files (some data could be ignored)
  • Import Cloud(s): dialog to configure ascii file content was not shown automatically in some cases
  • Labels: selecting a label above an object works well
  • Labels: when displayed using mimium type, the label ID is now visible
  • Measure > Localize Values: in case of an inspected cloud, the values out of the color scale are now ignored
  • Surveying > Unroll: the representation mode don't automatically change to Intensity anymore at preview in case of 3D Unroll
  • CAD > Generate Patchs: correctly restore visibility when we cancel the command
  • Construct > XXX > Extract: labels are no more created with this command, but only when using Measure > XXX > Extract
  • Measure > Best Sphere: the color scale is correctly updated when some points are eliminated
  • Mesh > Set Borders: during the preview, the original mesh was not hidden, so it was impossible to correctly see the result
  • Script: function allowing to create a 3DPDF is now correctly documented
  • Surveying > Floor Flatness: correct issue leading to potential crashes of application
  • Surveying > Slope analysis: improve stability results in sparse point clouds
  • Surveying >Surface Analysis: labels created in surface analysis commands had incorrect names in the treeview
  • Transform > Translation: when translating with 2 points, the second point was not respected if entered in the XYZ area
  • Entering Points: the option to create points on a plane (X, Y, Z or custom) was no more working
  • Tree view: CTRL + click on a lamp icon modify the visibility in the active 3D scene only.