3DReshaper 2017 - the complete Release Notes

3DReshaper 2017 includes a wide range of new features and improvements, see below the detailed release notes:

New features

  • CAD/Chain Curves: new command to chain CAD curves
  • CAD/Cut Curve: new command to cut CAD curves
  • CAD/Untrim: new command to untrim CAD curves
  • Construct Menu: the commands allowing to construct and edit objects (points, geometric shapes ...) are all in a new Construct menu.
  • Construct/Line/Best Revolution Axis: new command to compute a best revolution axis
  • Construct/Plane/Best Symmetry plane: new command to compute a best symmetry plane
  • Construct/Polyline, BSpline, Contour: new commands to create and edit BSplines, and CAD Contours; new commands to extract polylines, BSplines and contours from CAD surfaces. All these features are now included in 3DReshaper Base license.
  • File/Export to 3D PDF: new command to create a 3D PDF file from the 3D scene
  • File/Send to AutoCAD: new command to send objects and orthoimages from 3DReshaper to AutoCAD (and also Map3D, Civil 3D...). A plugin is also installed on the AutoCAD side to send objects from AutoCAD to 3DReshaper
  • Home/Autosave: new autosave functionnality.
  • Home/License: new command and user interface to set and show license options.
  • Image/Texture from Colors: new command to convert colored or inspected mesh into textured mesh. This command helps to combine both real color information (coming from point cloud) and texture information. It is also useful to convert inspection values into texture in order to export inspection information to an OBJ file
  • Mesh/Write on mesh: new command to add a text on a mesh
  • New help center: all the 3DReshaper documentation is now at the same place (help command by command, beginner's guides, practicals and script help). Practicals are now available in French.
  • Surveying/Tunnel Extractor: new command to filter points belonging to a tunnel, and/or create a mesh
  • View/Rotate View CW and CCW: new commands to rotate the view in clockwise or counterclockwise direction


  • All commands: press Escape to quit the command or Enter to validate the current command
  • CAD / Convert: the computation is now faster and more stable when a lot of elements are converted at once.
  • CAD/Create Network: now possible to add some polylines as constraints to compute the network
  • Coordinate system: a UCS can now be hidden/shown and/or enabled/disabled in an independent way. The WCS is visible in the tree view, and can also be shown/hidden
  • File/Export Polylines: export to DXF is now available through the export of polylines, as well as through the export of projects.
  • File/Export/Export cloud(s): it is now possible to configure the content of an ascii file to be exported, and to convert intensity or inspection values into RGB colors in the saved files
  • Image/Adjust Texture: it is now possible to entirely remove a texture
  • Image/Calibration: it is now possible to display a fullscreen chessboard to calibrate the camera without printing a specific pattern
  • Image/Camera Path: it is now possible to include or not a logo in the created video, and to customize it.
  • Image/Texture (all commands adding textures to a mesh): new option to keep or overwrite existing textures
  • Import / Import Point(s): reduce import time.
  • Import ASCII files (clouds or points): new predefined setting to import Northing, Easting, Elevation formatted files (y,x,z)
  • Import Cloud(s): "All Files" is now the first item of the list of formats
  • Measure/Create/Edit Label: it is now possible to specify a nominal point with XYZ. This point is used as the reference
  • Measure/Cubature: it is now possible to compute cubatures with meshes having more than one free border
  • Measure/Edit color: it is now possible to edit the gradient of a set of polylines which contains inspection values. All polylines containing inspection will have the same gradient at the end
  • Mesh/Join 2 contours: new "Ok, Next" button to create easily several junctions one after the other
  • Mesh/Refine with point cloud: new "Ok, Next" button to chain several refinement with several strategies
  • Mesh/Spherical mesh: results and interface have been improved
  • Polyline/Neutral Axis: now, when opening the command, the mesh is transparent by default
  • Selection of objects: considerably improve response time when selection / deselecting a lot of objects in the 3D scene
  • Shortcut: it is now possible to change size of points in a cloud using ALT+Mouse Wheel
  • Shortcut: press the Enter key to launch the last used command
  • Shortcut: when drawing a polyline, it is now possible to close it by pressing 'c' key
  • Surveying / Compare / Inspect: the gradient was hidden when switching between different 2D view layouts.
  • Surveying/Create along axis: new option to not take in account points further than a given distance
  • Surveying/Cross sections : now possible to have a complete inspection in case of measured section is composed of several polylines, and reference section is composed of only one line
  • Surveying/Surface levelness: the plane used for computation is now kept after validation if it was displayed
  • Tank/Create PDF Report: new options available to customize the report (background color and size of text in images)
  • Tree view/Aspect modification: the density and the point size (in pixels) of a cloud can now be modified thanks to a shortcut in the tree view
  • Tree view/Aspect modification: the polyline display width can now be modified thanks to a shortcut in the tree view
  • View/Clipping plane: it is possible now to attach a clipping plane to a BSpline

Fixed issues

  • Help: remove unneccessary pages.
  • Home/License: correct the list of available modules.
  • 3D Scene: fix issues with display of point clouds. The density was sometimes too low
  • CAD/Smooth: fix several bugs in the command (both UI and computation)
  • Fix issue about display of application/project name in title bar (happens on Windows 10, full screen mode)
  • Fix issue when asking for an authorization code through the form or checking for a new version from the software when an Unikey dongle is attached
  • Measure/Edit Color: fix issue concerning the display of the gradient scale (background and foreground)
  • Object explorer: fix some crash that could occured while drag'n dropping elements between different documents.
  • Object explorer: fix some crash when the trash was cleared.
  • Surveying/ Unroll: user coordinate systems wasn't well managed.
  • Surveying/Unroll: fix issues and improve interface about mean radius definition
  • Surveying/Volume over/under: fix errors in volume computation (results were depending on selection order before launching the command)
  • Tank / Verticality: when creating sections from a given range, the first one always started from 0.
  • View/Clipping plane: fix issues about size of clipping planes in the 3D scene
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