3DReshaper 2016 - a new User eXperience

The 2016 version of 3DReshaper brings a lot of improvements concerning the user interface, in order to make the use of the software more pleasant and efficient.

new tree explorer

A new explorer

A brand new tree to make faster and easier basic operations:

  • 3 display modes (transparent, detached or docked) to better answer your needs
  • An integrated filter to find specific objects
  • Icons to have a direct access to settings concerning visibility and representation
  • And much more new improvements such as drag & drop between folders, renaming, etc.

entrer une direction

A new tool to enter a direction

A new complete toolbox with a lot of options to enter a direction (or a vector) has been deployed in all commands. You can now easily define a direction from a local plane, the screen normal or the main direction of a geometrical object.

clipping planes

Clipping Planes

A new object to clip the display of all elements (clouds, meshes, polylines, etc.) between planes, very convenient to clean a cloud or a mesh for example.

nouvelle aide

A redesigned documentation

The 3DReshaper documentation has been completely redesigned in order to be clearer and more user-friendly, and of course you can still access the help files directly from a command!

3dconnexion souris 3DReshaper

3D Mouse support

You can now use your 3D mouse from 3DConnexion in 3DReshaper.