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January Share your 3DReshaper experience
February Great news for 3DReshaper!
March Processing of point cloud data from underwater!
April Meet us at Geo Business 2019!
May Join us at HxGN LIVE 2019!
July 3DReshaper and Leica Cyclone solutions fuse to become Leica Cyclone 3DR
September Discover Cyclone 3DR at Intergeo!



October 3DReshaper 2018 MR1 beta
October 3DReshaper 2018 MR1 at INTERGEO
September What have you missed this summer?
July The Report Editor
May 3DReshaper 2018 | Official Release
April 3DReshaper 2018 beta
March New file formats available



August 3DReshaper 2017 MR1 officially released
July 3DReshaper 2017 MR1 available as a beta version
April 3DReshaper 2017 officially released
March 3DReshaper 2017 available as a beta version and events around 3DReshaper
February First images of 3DReshaper 2017 and events around 3DReshaper.
January New free script and all news concerning 3DReshaper!



October PTB Certification and some events concerning 3DReshaper!
September 3DReshaper 2016 MR1 Official Release
July/August 3DReshaper 2016 MR1 Beta and new tank plug-in
June Power lines detection on clouds
May 3DReshaper presents its new official GitHub repository and a few events not to miss
April 3DReshaper 2016 officially released
February 3DReshaper 2016 available as a beta version
January What's new in 2016?



December 3DReshaper offers you a new website!
November Surface Analysis in 3DReshaper 2015 MR1.
October 3DReshaper 2015 MR1 Released.
September 3DReshaper 2015 MR1 and 3DReshaper Meteor available, events in September.
July/August 3DReshaper 2015 MR1 will be presented at Intergeo, a video about stockpile volume.
June Easily model buildings, a reminder about 3DReshaper exercises.
May 3DReshaper 2015 officially released, HxGN Live 2015 and RETC 2015.
April HxGN Live 2015, 3DReshaper Script Contest and GeoBusiness Show 2015.
March 3DReshaper script contest 2015, 2D grid in the 3D scene and events scheduled in April.
February Massive breaking lines extraction, easily import files and events in 2015.
January Texture easily your meshes with pictures coming from a Leica MS50.



December 3DReshaper makes the ground extraction easy, our twitter accound and SPAR Europe 2014.
November 3DReshaper 2014 MR1 officially released, 3DReshaper enhances its presence in North America and Euromold 2014.
September Scripts inside 3DReshaper, the new beta 2014 MR1, new email address and Intergeo 2014.
July/August 3DReshaper creates models of painted caves classified at Unesco, Tips & Tricks and Focus on the liquid level analysis.
May 3DReshaper 2014 officially released. Java Scripting
April 3DReshaper HxGN LIVE and On-Line
March 3DReshaper-Dental web site is launched!
February 3DReshaper V 2014 in Las Vegas.
January 3DReshaper starts 2014 with a new beta version.
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