Case Studies

Modelling for monitoring - when millimetres matter

Kruonis Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant (KPSHP), one of the biggest plants of its type in the Baltic region, is a pillar for the Lithuanian energy system. A deformation in its structure can be fatal to Europe's Baltic state energy system. That's why monitoring with millimetre precision is essential. The hydroelectric plant was scanned using the Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation and then the data was processed with 3DReshaper in order to analyse the surface and verticality of the dam, identify places with deformation and compare the scanned model with the ideal model.

"3DReshaper allowed us to do the best shape export, analyse the surfaces with several integrated tools and permitted our client to inspect surfaces in a very clear way - exactly what our customer was looking for."

This article was written by Renata Barradas Gutiérrez, Leica Geosystems, and published in the Reporter 80 magazine.




3DReshaper v. the Night King: modelling a Game of Thrones' scene

One of the most critical factor in the film industry is time. BURKEN-OCCUPLAN alliance decided to compensate that issue by using 3DReshaper. Whether it is for the creation of a background, a building or modifying a digital character, 3DReshaper's power and notable features allow all the film maker units to save time and money.

"The conclusion we have arrived at is that 3DReshaper is extremely fast, has ease of use, and compatibility is not an issue".




3DReshaper for UAV application in New Zealand

Extract large-scale DTM thanks to the Ground Extractor function. This example is a cloud of 100 million points measured by UAV in New Zealand, processed in only 1h45.



Textured mesh of a disused building

3D model of a burnt building for future restoration works. The burnt building was scanned, point clouds were cleaned and meshed in 3DReshaper. Then, the model was textured from real panoramic images.



PaintUP & 3DReshaper

PaintUP develops a robotized solution to clean, paint or deposit substance in 3D on large size surface. A robot arm is mounted at the top of a truck crane and moved by an operator near the facade. The arm’s paths are computer generated so that it is able to reach all areas within its reach. In order to enhance this solution, PaintUP uses 3DReshaper to create a digital model: a fundamental step that allows to program with precision what the work site will look like once it is finished.