3DReshaper Free Viewer

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The 3DReshaper Viewer allows you to visualize data or share the results of your project for free.

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Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean

Cyclone 3DR Free viewer is now available for download: instant delivery valid 7 days and/or perpetual license on demand.

Completely Free

The 3DReshaper viewer is completely free and does not require an authorization code request. Simply download the software and register during the installation process. The viewer is valid for 6 months (except for a manual activation). Beyond this period, you will need to register again. Updates will be also available. With the free 3D viewer of Reshaper, you can easily deliver your 3D data or simply visualize 3D models in various formats. This viewer has several features that allow you to:

  • Import point clouds, 3d meshes, polylines and CAD files
  • Visualize these elements in orthographic or perspective view
  • Make 3D measurement and display the information as labels or/and customizable reports
  • View and edit a 3D comparison between 2 objects performed by 3DReshaper
  • Create and edit inspection labels on a 3D deviation color mapped model and export these data as a *.csv file or a customizable report
  • And much more!

Other versions

3DReshaper Viewer 2018 MR1 - 64 bits 

-  version - September 22nd, 2019 - 203MB