Download scripts for 3DReshaper

3DReshaper includes a JavaScript environment to write your own functions in order to automate repetitive tasks.

This page contains a few scripts that you can use to answer some specific needs, not yet covered by the main software. They are completely free so do not hesitate to download and test them. More scripts are available on our official GitHub repository.

3DReshaper script Electric Line 3DReshaper script Tank Calibration

Lines Extraction

Extract 3D polylines (catenary, electric line...) directly from a point cloud.

Tank Calibration

Two scripts to measure particular points on a tank:

  • create points on walls to measure radius
  • create points on the bottom to measure settlement

3DReshaper script pavement inspection

Pavement Inspection

In addition to the "Surface Analysis" module available in the Surveying plugin (several tools to analyze slope, flatness and levelness), here is a free script to answer a particular need. This method allows you to control a pavement according to the "Rolling Straightedge" method. The goal is to check the smoothness of the road.

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