Tank Analysis

For general tank inspections, 3D scanners allow you to quickly capture high accuracy and high density information to evaluate the conditions of storage tanks. Thanks to 3DReshaper and its dedicated module, run a complete and guided analysis, using API 650/653 tolerances, or not. Process a 3D Inspection, check roundness, plumbness and verticality, compute settlements on the bottom of the tank, and much more!

3d inspection tank color mapping

3D Inspection

Automatically compute plumbness and the best cylinder of the tank. Compute and customize a 3D color map to inspect your tank, and create labels to know the exact deviation on a given point. Unroll the tank shell to display a 2D colormap.

roundness circularity tank verticality

Roundness & Verticality

Compute horizontal and vertical profiles to check the roundness and the verticality of the tank shell. Display one or several profiles as a grid and magnify deviations in order to better detect deformations.

differential settlement tank


Compute differential settlement (nonuniform settling of the tank) or localized settlement (detect low and high areas on the bottom of the tank) according to standard API 653.

3d analyis tank report


Export all the measurements in a complete and customizable report ready for delivery to your customer, or export CSV tables in order to evaluate the data in another software.

All these features are part of an additionnal module
the 3DR Technology
part of Hexagon