Mine & Quarry

3DReshaper is a powerful solution to compute volumes and cubatures on meshes, even if they are not completely closed. You can easily calculate for instance embankment and excavation, the capacity of a dam, the water retention as a result of land subsidence, the volume at a specific level in a tank, etc.

volume stock pile

Volume / Cubature

Determine easily volumes of stock piles thanks to two methods:

  • Compute the cubature between two scans (with and without the stock pile)
  • Cut the stock pile from the mesh and compute the volume on the extracted data

volume under a liquid level

Volume under a given Liquid Level

Compute a volume under a given liquid level (or enter a step to compute volumes all over the mesh)

breaking lines

3D Models

Use 3DReshaper to create 3d models of quarries, so you can extract automatically breaking lines, compute volumes, cubatures, etc.

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