Art & Cultural Heritage

3D scanners are quite often used for preserving, interpreting and reproducing the heritage. Thanks to 3DReshaper and its powerful 3D meshing features, making your data workable from the millions of points of your scans will be easy.

3d meshing

3D Meshing

3DReshaper meshing process is one of the most powerful on the market as it has been designed completely in 3D. Process large point clouds quickly and easily to obtain light-weight, accurate and aesthetic models.

3d texture mapping

Texture Mapping

Map pictures on a 3D mesh according to camera parameters (both internal and external) to get a very accurate mapping or according to reference points you click on the mesh and on the texture. Optimize your work with texture atlas and export 3D textured meshes or ortho-images.
In case of colored point clouds, you can simply apply the cloud color on the mesh to get a colored mesh.

virtual visit export video

Virtual Visits

Use also 3DReshaper to simulate virtual visits from a camera path and camera targets and export a ready-to-use video.

Improve Mesh smooth fill holes

Mesh Improvements

3DReshaper provides also a lot of powerful tools to further improve meshes once created:

  • a really smart smoothing to keep details and improve general aspect
  • a customizable holes filling to create closed meshes even if your scan is not complete
  • an efficient decimation with deviation control
  • a useful sharp edges reconstruction
  • and much more!

grotte chauvet 3d model

A Real 3D Mesh Engine

In order to understand how our meshing engine is powerful, just imagine that the entire "Chauvet cave" has been modelized thanks to 3DReshaper. The model has then been used to design the facsimile of the cave listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

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