Reverse Engineering / CAD

  • Surfaces
  • Curves
  • Nurbs
  • BSplines

CAD Reverse Engineering Hull
Nurbs Surfaces created from a scanned hull.

3DReshaper offers all necessary tools to handle, reconstruct or improve typical CAD objects. You can compute real NURBS surfaces so you can export your model to IGES or STEP files.

Create curves and free form surfaces with only a few clicks:

  • Automatically compute BSpline curves from polylines
  • Easily adjust all or part of the polylines and BSpline curves at any time
  • Automatically compute NURBS surfaces from meshes
  • Locally improve the result if necessary (new patch creation, surface continuity, hole creation within a patch...)
  • Create CAD files from extracted tubes or geometrical shapes

Result can be used for a further inspection inside 3DReshaper or exported as IGES or STEP file.

CAD engine is designed to manage big amount of CAD data.

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