• Sections
  • Breaking Lines
  • Contour Lines

Contour Lines
Compute Sections and Contour Lines.

Breaking Lines
Massively extract Breaking Lines.

3DReshaper includes also a complete toolbox to create and manipulate polylines.

Compute sections very easily in order to get for example contour lines on your DTM. Sections can be computed in every direction, around an axis or along a given curve.

A lot of features dedicated to polylines

Many tools are available to further improve polylines once created. They can be:

  • Reduced to remove unnecessary points, get long segments and right angles
  • Extended to force intersections
  • Smoothed to improve aspect
  • Chained to get one big polyline from small pieces
  • Stretched to correct manually local defaults
  • And much more!
Massive and Automatic Breaking Lines extraction on a Mesh

Computing Break Lines is a very common job in Surveying, that is the reason why 3DReshaper brings you an automatic solution to extract them massively from a 3D mesh. In the Surveying plugin, the command "Extract Breaking Lines" allows you to find all the breaking lines from a mesh. Thanks to this function, you will have for example all the crest and ravine lines on your Digital Terrain Model. Some tools are embedded in the command to improve manually extracted lines if necessary.

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