Point Cloud Processing

  • Segmentation
  • Noise Detection
  • Regular Sampling
  • Smart Reduction

Point Cloud Selection
3DReshaper makes accurate and easy points selection from clouds.
Clean Point Cloud
Clean point clouds automatically and efficiently

3DReshaper® is a tool to process 3D point clouds wherever they come from: 3D scanners, laser scanning, UAVs, or any other digitization device... Whatever your point cloud processing challenges are 3DReshaper has the tools you need.

You can import one or several point clouds whatever their origin and size (see the file formats supported by 3DReshaper).

Point cloud preparation is often the most important stage to handle in order to save time with the subsequent steps (i.e. meshing).

That is why 3DReshaper provides a complete range of simple but powerful functions to process point clouds like:

  • Import without real limit of the imported number of points
  • Clever reduction to keep best points and remove points only where density is the highest
  • Automatic segmentation (according to the scanning positions, distance, real or inspected colors)
  • Automatic (angle, inspection values) or manual separation and cleaning
  • Extraction of best points evenly spaced, density homogenization
  • Automatic noise measurement reduction
  • Colors according to a given direction
  • Fusion
  • Registration, Alignment and Best Fit
  • 3D comparison with a mesh or a CAD model
  • Planar sections
  • Best geometrical shapes extraction (planes, cylinders, circles, spheres, etc.)
  • Several representation modes: textured, shaded, intensity (information depending on the imported data)
  • etc...
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