The 3DReshaper SDK

  • 3D Modeling
  • Point Cloud Processing
  • Inspection
  • Geometry

c++ library 3DReshaper
3DReshaper SDK is a C++ Library.

Dental CAD Scanner Arm Scanner
Whole or part of the 3DReshaper SDK can be
easily integrated for 3D scanner data processing.

Technodigit offers you its know-how in software development dedicated to process 3D scanner data (point cloud), 3D modeling, surface reconstruction and dental CAD applications. If you want to keep your expertise focused, we provide you the ability to save time and money to develop all or part of your 3D scanner or dental software.

3DReshaper Library SDK (Software Development Kit) is a toolkit with C++ functions covering all the needs in terms of point clouds processing and particularly for noise filtering, reduction, segmentation, 3D meshing, 3D scanner processing, modeling, inspection and surface reconstruction.

The Reshaper Technology inside YOUR software.

This library can be integrated very easily as a DLL inside third-party applications as for example:

  • CAD-CAM software
  • 3D measurement machines
  • Special process instrumentation
  • Medical and dental application
The 3DReshaper SDK contains a wide range of functions for multipurpose applications...

...such as surveying, industrial part inspection, scanner data processing, 3D modeling, etc.

The library includes:

  • High level mathematical functions like projection, registration, best fit, RPS positioning, etc.
  • Complex geometrical objects such as point clouds, polylines, polyhedron (triangulated model), circle, line, plane, cylinder, sphere, etc. It includes all functions needed to create and (or) handle these objects.
  • Basic geometrical objects such as 2D or 3D points, vectors, matrices and triangles.
  • Non geometrical objects such as collections and iterators, character strings, multi-thread programming, progress bars, etc.
c++ library 3DReshaper

3DReshaper® SDK development package is delivered with Visual C++ sample project (Visual VC++2012 32bit and 64bit configurations) which is called “My first 3DReshaper® project”. This application is provided to show a simple implementation of 3DReshaper® (without graphic display) giving a good compromise between the level of automation, the noise management, the accuracy and the quality of the result. It chains the different steps: Point cloud import; direct 3D mesh; Spike elimination; Deviation error refinement; Smoothing with organization of triangles to follow local curvature; Result export. In this project, there is also an example of multithread implementation to show how you can deal with parallel computing using multi-core CPU, if the computer is equipped with such a CPU. Different meshing strategies are implemented.

the 3DR Technology
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