• Sections
  • Feature Lines
  • Border Lines
  • Fictive Lines

Sections on 3D meshes.

Features Lines
Extract Feature Lines on meshes.

3DReshaper includes also a complete toolbox to create and manipulate polylines.

3DReshaper provides a wide range of possibilities to compute sections very easily:

  • Planar sections: set of sections by parallel planes of the selected mesh(es)
  • Radial sections: planar sections around an axis
  • Dynamic sections: one section dynamically created on the mesh
  • Sections along a curve: planar sections along a polyline or a curve

A lot of features dedicated to polylines

Many tools are available to further improve polylines once created. They can be:

  • Reduced to remove unnecessary points, get long segments and right angles
  • Extended to force intersections
  • Smoothed to improve aspect
  • Chained to get one big polyline from small pieces
  • Stretched to correct manually local defaults
  • And much more!
An optional tool to extract feature, fictive and border lines

An additional option enables feature line extraction for CAD-CAM reconstruction. Feature lines follow the fillets and sharp edges on CAD model or mesh.

You can extract 3 types of lines:

  • Feature line, which in the middle of the fillet or on the sharp edge
  • Border lines, which are the 2 lines on each side of the radius
  • Fictive line, which is the line that could recreate the sharp edge to replace the radius (this line does not lie on the mesh)

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