Scanner Interface

  • Direct interface
  • Smart filtering
  • Probing and Scanning
  • Real Time Meshing

romer absolute rds interface
Directly scan inside 3DReshaper

The interface with laser scanners and/or portable measuring arms offers a very competitive tool to process usual metrology tasks.

3DR Meteor® can handle Hexagon Hardware managed by RDS and any scanner plugged on it to process:

  • Online data acquisition
  • Online best shape computation with probing
  • Smart real time point filtering that keep relevant points only (remove noisy points, keep points in curved area,...)
  • With acquired data, generate automatically meshes using dedicated workflows
  • Use the Simulator to replay the acquisition, try different filtering methods or just replay it for demos)
  • Use the Real Time Meshing tool to have better visual feedback of your object, see which areas need to be rescan and create quickly the final mesh.

All these tools are directly connected to 3DR Meteor, so all your scans are created inside your 3DR Meteor project, no need to import/export data.

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