CT Data

  • Computer Tomography
  • Voxel
  • Volumetric Data

CT data
Work on very small parts thanks to CT scanners

Access to CT volumetric data thanks to 3DReshaper: load and visualize voxel data from different formats for process validation & control, design validation or reverse engineering.

Use the 3DReshaper interface to easily visualize your data thanks to clipping planes and multi-views.

Extract accurate surface points in order to create point clouds and so take benefit of all 3DReshaper features on your CT data. You can for example create sections, process a 3D Inspection, a best-fit, and much more!

Go further with the Quindos Interface

If you combine 3DReshaper with the Quindos software, you can have a complete solution working on CT data:

  • Comprehensive measurement analysis toolbox
  • Rich programming language for the creation and execution of detailed measurement plans
  • GD&T
  • Analysis of complex geometries (gears, screw, compressors, etc.)