Control / Inspection

  • 3D Inspection
  • Dimensioning
  • Reporting
  • Shapes Extraction
  • Intuitive Customizable Reporting
  • 3D PDF

3D Inspection
Compute very quickly complete 3D Inspection.

Feature extraction
Extract geometrical shapes directly on point clouds.

Example of 3D PDF generated with the reporting engine
Example of 3D PDF generated with the reporting engine

Thanks to a wide range of tools, 3DR Meteor® is a complete solution to inspect and control your 3D data.

Compare your scans with a theoretical model or analyze deformation with periodic measures thanks to the 3D inspection. Easily compute 3D or 2D comparison (along a direction) between objects (clouds, meshes, CAD, polylines). Then adjust the colored map or select labels to get inspection details on particular points and highlight what you want to show.

Features extraction

Extract geometrical shapes (planes, cylinders, contours, etc.) directly from a point cloud or a mesh. Extract also planar contours and holes from a plane.

Measure everything

Quickly get various measurements such as distances or angles from any objects in a few clicks. Compute volumes or surfaces from meshes in one click.

Easy Reporting

All measures and comparison done in 3DR Meteor can be exported in complete and customizable reports. Moreover, use the 3D PDF export possibility to deliver your files with your reports to your customers, so they can for example visualize color mappings on their computer.

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