Reverse Engineering / CAD

  • CAD Surfaces and Solid
  • Curves
  • Nurbs / BSPline
  • Auto Surfacing
  • Line Network Edition
  • Geometrical Extraction

CAD Reverse Engineering Hull
Nurbs Surfaces created from a 3d scan.

Auto Surfacing tool and pelton wheel reconstruction
Left: Single bucket reconstruction using Auto Surfacing tool,
Right: final pelton wheel reconstruction

3DR Meteor offers all necessary tools to handle, and easily reconstruct CAD objects. You can compute real NURBS surfaces so you can export your model to IGES or STEP files.

Auto Surfacing: in few clicks, reconstruct your freeform surface:

  • Automatically create a line network on your freeform object
  • Add constraints lines (following curvature,....) to adapt the network creation
  • Use the easy-to-use network edition (add, remove, modify lines,...)
  • Using the mesh and the network, generate and fit automatically Nurbs surfaces.
  • Use the sewing function to create a shell or a solid.
  • Use the extraction tools to create geometrical objects (plane, sphere, cylinder, circle,...), export them or use them to make surface restrictions, tubes,...

Result can be used for a further inspection inside 3DReshaper or exported as IGES or STEP file.

CAD engine is designed to manage big amount of CAD data.

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