• Best Fit
  • RPS Alignment
  • 3-2-1 Alignment
  • Plane Line Point
  • Custom Coordinate System

Best Fit Clouds
Align clouds together thanks to the Best Fit feature.

Automatic Target Detection
A scan aligned on a CAD thanks to an RPS alignment.

3DReshaper® provides you a various range of tools to align or registrate every kind of data (clouds, polylines, meshes, ...) from particular points or global shapes.

Thanks to these tools, you can face many situations as for example:

  • Align your scans on a reference model to do 3D inspection, analysis or reporting.
  • Build a coherent coordinate system to have main axis according to given geometrical features.
  • Use local coordinate systems to have different coherent coordinate systems for complex cases.
A few commands to answer a lot of needs.

The command "Best Align N Points" allows you to click couple of points to find the best solution so that each point clicked on the first object matches the corresponding point on the second point. This process can be improved thanks to a best fit on the complete object and some constraints that can defined.

The command "Best Fit" analyses overlapping areas to find the best position of each individual object according to the others in order to minimize registration errors, or to automatically align your scans on a reference model.

The command "RPS Registration" to move objects according to defined constraints on X, Y and Z.

The command "Align Coordinate System" to define a coordinate systems according to your needs.

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