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Sharp Edges Reconstruction
Sharp Edges Reconstruction.

Easily reconstruct complex model using our powerful 3D meshing engine
Easily reconstruct complex model
using our powerful 3D meshing engine

3DR Meteor® meshing process is one of the most powerful on the market as it has been designed completely in 3D. Process large point clouds quickly and easily to obtain light-weight, accurate and aesthetic models.

We offer different meshing strategies to give the best result depending on the quality of the original point cloud and your expectations.

Two steps are better than one

In case of noisy point clouds, the 3DR Meteor approach is to work in two steps to get a perfect result:

  • In a first step, create a very rough mesh in order to have quickly the global shape
  • In a second step, refine this rough mesh with the point cloud by adding triangles where we have the details
Specific triangle reorganization

Meshing along curvatures is a 3DR Meteor feature that enables to organize triangles according to local curvature. The triangle reorganization follows the "flow" of the shape so that sharp angles and small radii are better respected. This powerful technique significantly improves the quality of the 3D meshed models:

  • Greater accuracy of the shape, especially in sharp angles and small radius areas
  • Better aesthestics and smoothing of the shapes
  • Lower number of triangles needed to reach final tolerance of the model
A complete offer

Many tools are available to further improve meshes once created:

  • Stitching to remesh several meshes that have locally overlapped surfaces in order to get consolitated unique object
  • Smoothing to keep details and improve general aspect
  • Holes filling to treat a zone that could not be scanned or to obtain a closed model
  • Smart Decimation in order to reduce the size of your meshes
  • Sharp Edges Reconstruction to obtain perfect edges even if they are not scanned with a very high density
  • Extrusion to create tubular shapes along a path
  • Constraint Meshing to use a polyline as a breakline in your mesh
  • And much more
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