3DR Meteor is an easy-to-use and versatile software dedicated to point cloud processing for various applications, like Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Jewerly, Research, etc.

It includes a wide range of features among them:

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3DR Meteor is an easy-to-use and versatile software dedicated to point cloud processing and 3D meshing wherever the data come from (3D scanners, laser scanning, CMM, etc.).

3DR Meteor covers a wide array of needs in terms of point cloud processing, 3D meshing, surface reconstruction and reverse engineering for various applications: aerospace, automotive, jewelry, medical, etc. 3DR is also a 3D surface comparison and inspection software for all the users who want to easily control their models without investing in complex or expensive software.

3DR Meteor is available in different languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

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About Technodigit

TECHNODIGIT is a French company located in France, in Neyron, 11 km away from Lyon.

Since January 2009, TECHNODIGIT has joined the HEXAGON group, the global leader in measurement technologies.

TECHNODIGIT specializes in processing 3D digitized data including for instance 3D modeling, reverse engineering, surface reconstruction and control. Technodigit develops the 3DReshaper®, 3DR Meteor and Leica Cyclone 3DR technology to make 3D point cloud processing from measurement points. This unique point meshing knowledge provides high quality models, accurate and light, even with poor quality measurements. This tool allows us to receive point clouds from all digitization equipments and to process them in a very short time.

This technology is available within our software collection and is used in a wide range of domains as for example: Land Surveying, Cultural Heritage, Mines & Quarries, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Nuclear Plants, Jewelry, Rapid Prototyping, Electronic & Semiconductors, Medical, Dental, Automotive, Aeronautic, Shipbuilding, and much more!

To better answer all the needs, our technology in available in two different versions:

  • Cyclone 3DR for Surveying application
  • 3DR Meteor for Industrial application

And for developers who wish use our technology in their own software we can provide our Library, a collection of C++ functions (SDK) for covering all the needs in terms of 3D modeling and point cloud processing.

TECHNODIGIT provides also assistance and services for the Library integration and maintenance and support for future versions of all our software solutions.

How to buy?

3DReshaper Meteor is distributed worldwide through the Hexagon Metrology channel or by other partners and directly by Technodigit according to your convenience and your situation.

In order to better answer your needs, 3DReshaper Meteor is organized in several modules so you can purchase only the options you need (the base license is a prerequisite).

  • Basic License
  • CAD Module
  • Texture / Image
  • Scanners Interfaces
  • Point Cloud Processing
  • Registration / Alignment
  • 3D Meshing
  • Mesh Edition
  • Control / Inspection 2D 3D
  • Polylines / Sections
  • Features Extraction (Shape, Lines...)
  • Volume
  • AutoCAD Add-in
  • Virtual Visit / Video
  • BSplines and Nurbs Creation
  • Local or Overall Surface improvement
  • IGES/STEP Export
  • Automatic Texturing
  • Manual Texturing
  • Ortho-images
  • ROMER RDS Interface
  • Leica T-Scan
  • Open Scanner Interface

If you are interested in purchasing 3DReshaper solution, please fill in the form below, and we’ll connect you with a sales representative from our local partners or from Technodigit.

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