3DR Meteor is an easy-to-use and versatile software dedicated to point cloud processing for various applications, like Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Jewerly, Research, etc.

It includes a wide range of features among them:

Software presentation

Quindos | Reshaper

Optical and tactile – within a single software package

QUINDOS Reshaper is a powerful and flexible software package that uses proven technology for the inspection and evaluation of digital scans. The package supports a wide variety of sensors for collecting digital representations of actual parts:

  • Mobile devices with laser scanners such as the ROMER Absolute Arm SI or SE
  • Devices using White Light Scanner (WLS) technology
  • Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners
QUINDOS Reshaper provides the ability to inspect and evaluate the scanned parts on a single workstation.

Multiple technologies – one measurement program - one strategy

3DReshaper Meteor converts the point cloud into a mesh, which can then be measured and analysed using the QUINDOS modular software package. QUINDOS communicates with 3DReshaper Metor via the standardized I++DME interface to access and manipulate the scanned data in the form of meshes and point clouds. For basic measurement methods the data exchange between QUINDOS and 3DReshaper Meteor is similar to the data exchange between Quindos and a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), making comparisons of different sensor technologies very easy. Very few modifications are necessary in order to reuse existing part programs to measure virtual parts without restrictions on the measuring strategy.

From single points to complete point clouds

The mouse is used to perform manual single point probings onscreen. Reshaper delivers the actual points. The coordinates are sent to the measurement program further processing. The same functionality is used in CNC mode. Generated point patterns, in either single-point or scanning mode are measured on the scanned data.

QUINDOS Reshaper can be further enhanced by the tried and tested QUINDOS options, enabling analysis of standard geometries, freeform surfaces and special geometries.

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