One Software, Infinite Applications


3DReshaper is the easy-to-use and versatile software solution dedicated to processing any type of point clouds in a wide array of applications. From point cloud to deliverables, from engineering to heritage, from surveying to manufacturing, 3DReshaper is the complete toolbox to meet your 3D modeling and inspection needs.

construction navale


3DReshaper has many commands that meet the specific needs of shipbuilding (reverse engineering of hulls, flatness analysis on the deck, control of deformations).

effets speciaux vfx

VFX & Cinema

Advanced meshing and texturing capabilities make it possible to obtain aesthetic and lightweight 3D models, which can be used for augmented reality or in the film industry (visual effects).

3DReshaper Viewer

Share or visualize your 3DReshaper project or your 3D data for free thanks to the Viewer


3DReshaper viewer project volume
Volume of stock piles
3DReshaper viewer project inspection
3D Inspection of a motorcycle part



The work that you guys do is amazing and look forward to seeing 3DReshaper being used on more projects across globe.


I really appreciate to stay in such a good contact with the developer of our point clouds post processing software! Thanks a lot for that.


The fact that 3DReshaper is able to handle data size from more than 100 Mio. points and to reconstruct the properties of the objects in a highly performing way is extremely remarkable.