3DReshaper® Application is a software for end-users,
dedicated to point cloud process, 3D meshing,
CAD surface reconstruction, dental CAD
and tridimensional comparison.



Heritage 3d modeling

Accurate modeling of a Serpent Head from Teotihuacan, Mexico (CyArk).

3d modeling of a sheet metal

Refined mesh of a 1.3 meter long sheet metal. Less than 10 minutes were necessary to mesh in millimeter this 22 million point model.


The main features in the standard version are:

  • No limit concerning the number of points inside the digitalisation file.
  • Registration, cloud alignments, RPS alignment.
  • Automatic and manual filtering and separation of points.
  • Deviation error meshing (chordal error).
  • Several meshing functions: 2D, 3D, deviation error.
  • Eliminating measurement noise.
  • Surface smoothing and polygonal surface improvement (junction, bridge, stitching, hole filling...).
  • Best-fit, least squares methods.
  • Selection within polygons; clean, separation, fusion, merge of clouds or meshes.
  • Meshing import, STL error detection and correction.
  • IGES an STEP surface import.
  • Meshing of Bezier or Nurbs surfaces.
  • Point / surface distance measurement.
  • Curvature meshing to preserve sharp edges and radii.
  • Meshing under the constraint of a polyline set.
  • Sharp edge reconstruction. Mesh contour improvement.
  • Finding mesh contours, extended alpha shape.
  • Cutting a mesh along contours.
  • Decimation of a mesh, polygon reduction.
  • JavaSript add-on for automated processing.
  • Offset; probe radius compensation for mechanical digitalization.
  • Eliminating spike vertices and non-manifold geometry correction.
  • Section and intersection calculations.
  • Neutral axis extraction.
  • Cubature and volume.
  • 2D-3D Control and inspection color mapping.
  • Editing or exporting inspection report.
  • Optimization for finite element analysis.
  • Boolean operation with surfaces or volumes.
  • Global and local 3D shape deformation.
  • Online connection with measurement devices.
  • 3D animation creation (AVI files)...


3DReshaper has been created to be very simple to use and its interface is similar to the Window screen.

The 3D point clouds used to make 3D modeling can come from any measurement system or technology: 3D scanners, digitizer, CMM, laser point, laser trackers, laser plane (laser triangulation), time-of-flight laser (lasergrammetry), photogrammetry or stereophotogrammetry, etc.

3DReshaper Application is a 3D point clouds processing software for users who need to handle rapidly point clouds files to obtain high quality 3D meshes at affordable price. An evaluation version can be downloaded free. This software is used in a wide range of industries, as for example:

Click here to see real cases from some of our customers.


The standard version of 3DReshaper provides a wide range of features, point cloud processing, 3D polygonal meshing, 3D comparison, best shape and sections extraction...

The generated models (meshed) can be used directly for rapid prototyping, tool path generation, animation, simulation, finite element analysis, control and inspection, sectioning etc.


User-frendly interface V7

The 3DReshaper® Application window is divided into three parts: the main menu (1), the explorer (2), the graphic zone with one multiview mode (3) and the possibility (4) to swap between orthographic view (left part) and perspective view (right part) .

Additional modules


For more information about the 3DReshaper® functionalities, click here.



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