3D Point cloud processing and modeling Services...


TECHNODIGIT offers several type of services in the following domains:

  • Digitalization of models (in France only).
  • Point clouds process, computing sections, 3D meshing, CAD file generation etc.
  • Maintenance and hotline for 3DReshaper® Application users.
  • Assistance for programmers who use the 3DReshaper® Library technology.
  • Software development based on the 3DReshaper Library technology.


With 3DReshaper Library, it is possible to create software dedicated to your applications. 3DReshaper Application is a particular stand-alone implementation of the library that answers to most of users' needs. When the library is connected to a 3D laser scanning camera, a digitizer, or other software, it is possible to create other functions:


  • Real time processing to make computations or displays during digitization.
  • Automation of some repetitive functions; creation of press-button macros.
  • Tuning of the parameters to fit exactly your need if 3DReshaper Library is connected with a particular digitizer, laser scanner or software.


As Technodigit has specialized since more than ten years in point clouds processing and 3D scanning, our experts can also create for you software dedicated to your applications.

3D crash test scanning

Example of 3DReshaper® integration provided by Technodigit: real time processing during laser scanning of a crash test barrier.

3D data processing of a crash test barrier

Dedicated software: on the left, a crash barrier has been measured and, on the right, the PC screen shows the automatic surface reconstruction provided by 3DReshaper® Library on the measurement site.


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