Feature Line, Breaking line, Margin line Extraction...


This additional option of the 3DReshaper® Application software enables many new applications such as extraction of breaking lines for landsurveying and architectural purposes or teeth preparation line for dentists, but also feature line extraction for CAD-CAM reconstruction.

Feature lines follow the fillets and sharp edges on CAD model or mesh.

You can extract 3 types of lines:

  • Feature line, which in the middle of the fillet or on the sharp edge.
  • Border lines, which are the 2 lines on each side of the radius.
  • Fictive line, which is the line that could recreate the sharp edge to replace the radius. Note that this line does not lie on the mesh.

Once you have obtained the fictive line, you can also deform locally the mesh between the two border lines to reconstruct the sharp edge.

Several options will give you entire satisfaction:

  • Extraction of the feature line;
  • Automatic projection for maximum accuracy.
  • Automatic calculation of the "Fictive Line" to best extract the sharp lines (e.g. for architecture apppications).
  • Automatic creation of the two associated border lines to make easier the creation of surface patches (e.g. for reverse engineering) or to define a specific zone around the fictive line to reconstruct.
  • Smoothing for a better presentation;
  • Automatic sharp edge reconstruction.

Figure 1 shows the feature line extraction, using the option "max ramifications" which enables the software to detect a maximum of lines from one seed point.

This feature is an option of the 3DReshaper® software. Contact us for price and more detail at contact@technodigit.com.


Feature Line see the video (feature line).

Feature Line see the video (fictive line).


In this optional module, you also benefit from the display of curvatures on a mesh.

This function shows the different types of curvature on a mesh (Gaussian, maximum, etc.).
From this representation mode, similar to an inspection, you can modify the colours and display the values of these curvatures (see the opposite image).

3D extraction of exposed stones margin line extraction

Left image: feature line on a wall to separate the bricks, using "max ramification".

Right image: margin line for dental restoration.


Automatic detection and extraction of curvature Sharp edge automatic reconstruction

This command extracts feature lines, border lines and fictive line and also reconstruct a sharp edge with the fictive line.


3D inspection of bones

Curvature display with deviation information.


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