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3DReshaper Meteor is a software dedicated to Point Cloud treatment, 3D Meshing, 3D Inspection, Polylines, CAD Surfaces, etc. for industrial applications.

Version - June 16th, 2017

Other versions

The installer includes the main software, optional plugins, help files and a beginner's guides with sample files.

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean

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Free Demo

You can use 3DReshaper Meteor for free for one month (with limited saves) in order to try the software and work on your data. Download, install 3DReshaper Meteor and fill in the form (directly from 3DReshaper Meteor or through the website) to get your free demonstration license. You will receive an email with the authorization code within 24 hours.



New in 2017 version:

  • A new AutoCAD plugin to send data to AutoCAD in one click and from AutoCAD to 3DReshaper
  • A new 3D PDF Export
  • New menus Construct, Home and View
  • New command to compute a best symmetry plane
  • Improve commands around Texture Mapping
  • New management of User Coordinate System
  • New command to Write on Meshes
  • Improve CAD network creation by taking constraints in account
  • Improve command Spherical Mesh

Other main features:

  • Work on your Point Clouds (manual and automatic filters, merge, color, etc.)
  • Create and Improve 3D Meshes (smoothing, holes filling, borders improvement, etc.)
  • Measure, Inspect and Compare your data
  • Create and Improve Sections and Polylines
  • Etc.


ROMER RDS Interface 

Manage your portable measuring arm ROMER Absolute directly from 3DReshaper Meteor.

Leica T-Scan Interface 

Manage your Leica T-Scan directly from 3DReshaper Meteor.


Communicate with Quindos software (from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence).


Communicate with Coreview software (from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence).


Import, Export and Work on CT data.


Create, improve and export CAD surfaces from your 3D meshes.

Other versions

3DReshaper Meteor 2017 - 64 bits 

-  version - June 16th, 2017 - 455MB

3DReshaper Meteor 2017 - 32 bits 

-  version - June 16th, 2017 - 359MB

Click here to download a previous version.